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Broken Ground

Cathal punctured the ground, sending spuds and stones flying, and damp soil filled Esther’s nostrils as the underbelly of land broke free. The potatoes bounced before landing to nestle like eggs in earth. Cathal, green eyes the colour of his … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Broken Ground by Mike Le-Baigue

The magpies this afternoon chattered sinister discord while pillaging fruits concealed in the execrated field. Rustling their feathers of blue-green sheen with purple iridescence, the gang of bandits cocked tails and flitted to outlying trees when disturbed. They struck noise … Continue reading

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Interview with Mike Le-Baigue

Mike, I’d not heard of Magpie Mine until I read your flash fiction. The story that unfolds in your piece is based on real events – and what a story it is. Can you tell us a little about the … Continue reading

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