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The Tower by Helen Moat

Ein modernes Märchen Die natϋrliche Mutter: Es war einmal … Once upon a time there was just you and me. While I grew weak, you grew strong. You made hills of my stomach: a slither-slope of elbow; a ridge of … Continue reading

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The Tower by guest writer, Meraid Griffin

Siobhan wriggled forward on her belly, breath held as she prepared to shoot. Thirty years had passed since she lay in that place. Her palms felt sticky as the memories flooded back. On that sunny spring morning she had strolled … Continue reading

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Interview with guest writer, Meraid Griffin

Welcome to Double Espresso, Meraid, and thank you very much for taking up the flash fiction challenge. Meraid, we haven’t met in person, but what comes across in ‘cyber-world’ is that you have an incredible zest for life – reflected … Continue reading

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