Flash fiction publications

Flash Frontier: October 2013 issue – Rescued/FIve Knots:

Flash Frontier: February 2014 issue – One Way – Broken Ground:

Blue Fifth Review: February 2014 – The Edge  http://bluefifthreview.wordpress.com/2014/02/15/blue-five-notebook-february-2014-14-3/

 Flash Fronier: June 2014 issue – Sugar/The Cherry Orchard

Flash Flood, National Flash Fiction Day 2014: Cakes of Bread

The Linnet’s Wings: Summer 2014 issue – Comic Strip Jim (originally published on Double Espresso as Lost Lad)

Flash Frontier: December 2014 issue – No Regrets/Danger Zone:

December 2014: NO REGRETS

Blue Fifth Review, Blue Five Notelbook: February 2015 – Dancing

Flash Frontier: February 2015 issue – Whispers/Returning from the Wood

December 2014: NO REGRETS

Flash Frontier: April 2015 issue – Iron/Women of Iron

April 2015: IRON

Flash Frontier: November 2015 issue – Sky/The Offering

November 2015: SKY

Flash Frontier: December 2015 micro issue – An Act of Remembering and Forgetting

December 2015: MICROS

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