What they said

Nominated by Flash Frontier for the Sundress Publications Best of the Net 2014
Five Knots (from the October 2013, Rescued edition)
Flash Frontier: The story stuck with both of us, and we think it’s one of your best. We’re very pleased to review it again in our pages and see it rise to the top of our considerations for this nomination.

British Guild of Travel Writers Writing Competition 2014 and 2011: Runner up
Sarah Monaghan : Award-winning travel writer and editor: A lovely evocative script
William Gray: Award-winning travel writer and editor: poignant and original
Amy Sophanpaul: Editor: Cleverly structured … very precise phrasing
Jon Lorie: Powerfully told … good evocation of the city

BBC Wildlife Travel Writing Competition 2013:Highly Commended:
James Flair: Environment Editor of BBC Wildlife Magazine – An original and well-told story

Wanderlust Travel Blog of the year 2012:Silver Award
Peter Moore: Author and travel writer – One of the most inspirational blogs on the web
Lyn Hughes: Wanderlust Magazine, editor in chief – A talented writer

Published: The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Australian Times (UK) and Wanderlust Magazine, Bradt Publishers (Bus Pass Britain Rides Again) as well as online

Flash Frontier Editors: Broken Ground
Nicely done. This story is gorgeous. I love the images and subtleties.
Beautiful. We are struck by the landscape of relationships and grit here

Fifth Blue Review Editor, Michelle Elvy: On the Edge
I like this story a great deal.

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