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Helen Moat is the author of Slow Travel The Peak District. part of the UK Slow Travel guide books and published by Bradt. The book is available from Amazon and the online Bradt shop, as well as major outlets. Helen Moat was born in Northern Ireland and spent her childhood travelling the length and breadth of the island in her Dad’s Morris Minor – or so it seemed: she still suffers from wanderlust. Helen studied German in England, living in Switzerland and Germany for extended periods. The author has since settled in the Peak District, her adopted home. She is constantly inspired by the local landscape, and the people and places shaped by the Peaks. A keen walker and cyclist, she’s happiest when outdoors and on the move. As a travel and fiction writer, she’s always on the hunt for a good story. The Peak District gives her plenty of material. -

2 thoughts on “HM

  1. Dear Helen, you suffer from wanderlust, I read. How do you do it:, to regulate this need? I met you cycling with your son, I believe, if I am correct. I am now married and running a airbnb but I suffer from wanderlust which I find hard to fit in. My husband doesn’t like cycling and I don’t like cycling a little loop or cycling simply somewhere (when it doesn’t enthrall me I miss my husband!?). Perhaps I have to learn a new ‘how to’. If you have a tip, it’s very welcome.

    Greetings Cindy

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Life is all about compromise. It must be hard after being on the road (5? years) with complete freedom then to return to routine life. It really isn’t easy. I miss my four month cycle trip still but I travel frequently (a mix of press trips and private trips). I don’t really have any tips other than trying to adjust to small moments. If we break life down into moments – how beautiful can each one be? I know someone who came up with the idea of mini-adventures: taking a train from the office (your van?) climbing a hill, wild camping (returning to the office for Monday). What’s the difference between a day/weekend/week and (five) years if you are living in those moment however long they are? Don’t know if that helps.

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